Baby takes Switzerland: Zürich

We took advantage of our inability to get a direct flight to Bern by stopping for a few hours in Zürich. Its just the right size for an afternoon visit – not so big that we felt overwhelmed with choices, but not so small that we had nothing to do. We were still a little dazed by our early wake-up call (and the 7CHF cups of coffee), so spent some time just sitting by the river while we planned our day.

The view wasn’t so bad.


I only needed to see two things: the Chagall windows in the Fraumünster and Rodin’s “Gates of Hell” at the Kunsthaus.  You can see the Fraumünster and its famous windows  in the above photo (its in the middle), but unfortunately photos were not allowed inside.  I’ve been so spoiled by my Jahreskarte (a pass for all Berlin’s state museums) that I didn’t want to pay the 14CHF it takes to go into the museum. Luckily, this Rodin piece was right outside.

And, of course, there was also a visit to the original Sprüngli for the first of many, many confiserie consumed on our five day trip. Jon made the first selection, something called a Kirschtraum, a “cherry dream.”

We just called it “yum.”  There is also a branch of Sprüngli in Bern, which I happily visited two more times before going home.

And what was our little Mäuschen during while we wandered Zürich? She happily accepted our bribe  offer of a flower in exchange for getting to push her around in her stroller.

Well, sort of happily.

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