To the Top!

We took turns doing things we have abject fears of this weekend. I went on a boat and only thought about what was UNDERNEATH the boat about 1/4 of the time. Jon went to the top of the Berliner Dom.

This was maybe the more exciting activity of the two for S, who didn’t understand why we couldn’t go all the way up to the “X.”  The rest of us felt that 267 steps was quite enough.

I’ve been to the Dom quite a few times, but before this trip I didn’t know that it is entirely cared for and maintained by its congregation. Of course, the ticket sales must make up a large part of the budget, but given the size and grandeur of the Dom, its still fairly impressive!

Baltimore Book Festival, Mt. Vernon

Its been a few weeks, but I can’t let something like the Baltimore Book Festival pass by without a post.


I wasn’t expecting much – feeling a little down on Charm City – maybe some used book sellers and a food truck…if we’re lucky? But the Festiva proved me wrong and showed me that Berlin doesn’t have the monopoly on Strassenfeste. Of course, there were booksellers – old and new – but there weer also authors as well as a healthy representation of local cultural institutions and children’s activities. We even had our first encounter with a costume character.



S wasn’t scared. She was just cautious.

The highlight of the festival was the Peabody Institute, a conservatory attached to The John Hopkins University. The 19th century building is beautiful and was wholly unexpected.


 This year’s festival was held September 27 – 29th. For more information, visit the Baltimore Book Festival’s  website and maybe we’ll see you in 2014!


The Howard County Fair

The interesting thing about Baltimore is that while it  has a very urban center, its surrounded by the greenest, most rural place I’ve ever lived.


And that includes Kentucky.

Going to the fair – which is actually in neighboring Howard County – was my aunt’s idea (Thanks!) and it was a bit of a culture shock. It was also literally a bit of a shock; Jon almost had an asthma attack from all of the barn animals.


S had fun. There were orange things and, really, isn’t that all anyone ever really needs?

Laguna Beach

Time to start saying “good-bye” to all of our old hangouts. Although, this time I won’t be missing much.

I’m sorry. I’m just not a California girl. I like wearing sweaters and snow. I like not having to think about whether or not its too warm to get a hot coffee. I miss not having to specify that I want hot coffee.

Most importantly, I don’t like driving. California is all about driving.

There are, of course, a few exceptions. Laguna Beach is walkable and very popular – two things you can see in this horribly shot photo I took while getting pulled across the street by a three year old.


We spent four hours walking around, peeking into little shops, and checking out the menus at restaurants we probably won’t have time to visit before we leave. We went to the playground and told S there would be a “next time.”


We still haven’t really been to the beach. You know, with swimsuits and everything.

Maybe next time.

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