We went to Staaken!


Staaken was a border crossing between the former East and West Germany. To make matter confusing, the western part of Staaken (bordering Brandenburg) was in the DDR while the eastern part (bordering Berlin) was in the British-controlled west. Today Staaken is a suburb of Spandau, which itself is a suburb of Berlin. That is, unless you ask a Spandauer.





a “burr-burr”

I’ve been looking for something to keep my wedding/engagement rings since we got here. Something inexpensive, something of a souvenir, but not terribly fragile. Then I saw this post on ohjoy! and knew I had my answer.

Too bad somebody else loves it more than I could ever imagine.

She calls it her “Burr-Burr.” I guess I’ll have to keep looking.

DDR egg cup purchased at Berlin Story on Unter den Linden.