We used the excuse of returning a pile of library books to the library at UniPotsdam to give visiting a palace mit dem Kind  a try. Even though I have yet to make it inside Sanssouci, this trip was devoted to “Friederisiko,” an exhibition celebrating the 300th anniversary of Frederick the Great’s birthday as well as the completion of the renovations on his pet project,  Das Neue Palais.

S LOVED the “Printheth House” and yes, we’re apparently in that stage now. We didn’t have the heart to tell her it was actually for a king. The entrance to the exhibit is by timed tickets, which I was a bit nervous about, but turned out not to be a big deal. There was some miscommunication over the stroller with the women running the info-desk giving us the OK, while the docents at the door turned us back to the Garderobe. There wasn’t room for it anyway. Raised, purple paths have been laid over the original flooring for added protection as well as a way to guide visitors through the exhibit. Step off it and you’ll be the target of some good, ol’ German scolding.

In addition to the path, the palace has been divided into easy to digest pieces – Mode, Spiel, Essen & Trinken, etc – with wonderful results. I kept whispering to Jon how much more I liked it than Versailles, which is something of a cattle-call. There is also a daily violin concert, giving us our first chance to expose S to live music. She was perfectly behaved, except for when she shouted “HI!” to the violinist. It was beyond adorable.

Now that I know how much she loves them, I think trips to Schloß Charlottenburg and Sansoucci are in order ASAP.

PS: I love how Germans celebrate their cultural figures. Because its Frederick the Great’s 300th, we’re having a Friedrich-Jahr, a Year of Frederick. Last year was the 200th anniversary of writer Heinrich von Kleist’s death, so it was a Kleist-Jahr. Probably too nerdy for the states…