There are only – remember ONLY – two new parts of our move abroad. The easier of the two is preparing my “non-commercial live animal” for import into the EU. I say “easier,” but its really only easier in relation to finding a school to enroll S in this late in the year. We’re this close, just enough that I can turn my attention to this:


In order to move a dog to Germany you need two forms, one from each government, and an ISO microchip. Typically, dogs in the US have a 10-digit chip, which is only standard within the US. For travel to many EU countries as well as Canada and Japan, dogs require a 15-digit ISO chip. Germany offers the option to forgo the international chip, but only if you bring your own pet scanner. These usually run around $300. The chip we ordered was only $17.95 plus office visit. You’ll also need to get a rabies booster for the animal two-weeks after, and it must be after, insertion, because why not?

Of course, our dog already had her yearly rabies booster and of course, she’ll just have to get another one. Because Welcome to Germany. There is always an extra step.

In addition to the new chip, you’ll need your vet to fill out two forms along with a check-up at least ten days prior to your flight. One is for the US and gets sent to your local USDA-APHIS office. If you’re in the VA-DC-MD area like us, you’re in District 1 and should send your forms to the office in Richmond overnight. They’ll approve it and send it right back. That’s it…I think.


beginning again

It’s springtime. We’ve cycled back to new beginnings of well-known things. S had a birthday and now she’s counting down the days until the outdoor pool opens. There will be a graduation celebration and we’ll be there to celebrate. I’m looking forward to adding to my handmade by S jewelry collection for Mother’s Day. 

We’re moving back to Berlin…

and we leave in June. 


So while we’re trying to focus on this friend’s birthday and that school function and grading paper and coming up with lesson plans, we’reI’m also quietly freaking out. We have an apartment – that was accomplished during the adrenaline rush that immediately followed the acceptance email – but there’s still a list of things to do.

In the US:

Find a school for S

Find a school for ME 

Puppy paperwork – we’re bringing our dog, because we don’t like to make things easy!

Pick and choose which things to store/ship/pack 

Figure out what to do with a child who is a pack rat 

Hire movers

Sell our cars

In Germany:

Register at Burgeramt and the Jugendamt for our school Gutschein

Visit the Auslanderbehörde for residency permits

Figure out the logistics of getting everyone to their respective offices and schools 

Go on a glorious tour of all of the neighborhood grocery stores because I am a dork and missed them so much (Who’s in for a giant loop around Bergmannkiez to hit up DM, Kaisers, Marheineke Markthalle, Alnatura, ending with a bang at LPG? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?) 

Buy Meussli. Seriously, I just really need good meussli. And French yoghurt and Apfelschoerle and Federrote and Schwarzriesling. 

My grocery list makes me seem like one of thos mommies, but let me tell you I am definitely not. Case in point – I have never been to SoulCycle. 

They don’t even have SoulCycle in Germany. 

Do they?

Oh, god, maybe I should try it?

No no no. Then I might break my no yoga pants in public rule. 

See I have rules!

That’s so German of me!

Wirklich! Or as S would say: For real!

Back to my list…


Das Ende.