Hallo! My name is Aryn. A lot of people I meet have a surprising amount of trouble saying it. Those people tend to call me “Anne.” French people tend to call me “Irène.” I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

I’m married to Jon, an academic and the reason we moved to Berlin…twice. The first time, he was doing research for his dissertation in something German which most people find a little boring, but that’s what makes it an amazing dissertation topic. Since then, we’ve — yes WE — earned a Ph.D and have returned to Berlin to do some postdoctoral work, This bog is all about exploring Berlin, often with our 5-year-old in tow.




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  1. Hello, Aryn! Have you tried out the place in Hornstrasse? The Kreuzzwerge? I´ve got another one for you: Avril on the corner of Böckh- and Graefestrasse. Brilliant food and a small play area to boot. My older son loved it whenever we went there as there is always someone to play with (multilingual in most of the cases:). And while you are there, right around the corner in Graefestrasse (walking towards Diffenbachstrasse) another small cafe seems to make the little hearts beat faster. The name escapes me now but you will find it on the left side of the street in the second of third house from the corner. Enjoy!

    • Yes, and thanks for all of the new suggestions! I’ve been wanting to try Avril, but my husband is wary of any place where he can’t eat meat :o/

  2. Hi Aryn! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and taking the time to comment, too! I enjoyed reading about your adventures in Berlin – a city I really loved when I visited. I’ll check back in to see how your Edinburgh trip went! Wishing you well, Sarah

  3. Thanks for liking 4kidsWillTravel. Berlin is high on our list (top) for moving to after this trip is over. We’re looking at a late summer arrival. We’ll follow your blog and wanted to know if you have any ideas about neighborhoods to live with 4 daughters.

    • Well, Prenzlauerberg is THE most popular neighborhood with kids – some joke that it is the only place in all of Germany where people still have babies! Your girls will find lots of other kids to play with there and many people speak English.

      Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find some more useful info here!

      • We ran through Prenzlauerberg on our visit and it looks fun…other areas you’d recommend?

      • The western side of Kreuzberg (around Viktoriapark, for example) and Schöneberg near Nollendorfplatz are both becoming more and more family-oriented. If you’re interested in staying a bit outside of the center, Zehlendorf might also be worth looking into. It has more of a village-feel.

  4. Hi Aryn! I’m really enjoying your blog! My family is taking a trip around the world, and we toured Europe (which we are relatively familiar with given that my mother is German and her family is there) and are now in South East Asia. I have 3 little sisters, we adore the churros in Granada, visited Berlin and liked it (it is at the top of the list where our future city is concerned), and love traveling and experiencing new things. I will follow you to learn more about Berlin and to hear your funny stories – I remember the times where we had a 2 year old too…
    All the best!

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