Die Römanische Reise

We swapped the chill of Berlin for the sun of a slightly-less chilly Rome.

It was our longest and best trip thanks to a combination of timing and finally deciding a nice hotel is worth it. Although we sublet in Berlin, I’m too tightly wound to relax and trust an airbnb. I know, I’m so uncool.

Our two big adventures were, of course, the Vatican and the ancient ruins.


The Vatican was not such a hit with my smaller traveling companion, but she loved running around the Rome Forum.

We also ate a lot, and by the end of the trip I didn’t think I could stand the sight of another carbohydrate. I soon rallied. What is life without bread (and cheese and pasta) anyway?

There were some vegetables thrown in the mix, too! Sure, they were fried, but how could we say no?



And of course (of course of course!), we went to this dude’s house.


Goethe is with us always.


Where we stayed: Hotel della Conciliation – minutes away from the Vatican and Castel Sant’Angelo, but a bit of a hike to other sites.

Where we ate: Piperno and Da Francesco were our favorites and linked above. Our favorite gelato was from Giolitti and our primary source of caffeine was Sant’Eustachio.



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