a musical weekend

I might have stretched S a little thin with two classical music performances over the weekend. How could we pass up a Bach-marathon, or a family showing of “Die Zauberflöte?”

You may be thinking: “quite easily.” I certainly got one or two eye-rolls along the way.

We started  at the Konzerthaus with Mein Erster Bach, part of the Berlin Bach-Marathon.

The best part for S was listening to a 10 year old play minuets. That really got to her!

The next day we went to our first Staatsoper show, again, part of the children’s programming. Whether this was an accurate way to describe the full, three hour opera is debatable.

Because this is Germany, there was a pretzel vendor out front.


The best pretzels are always sold out of baskets.

S says she liked the opera. Yes, she had trouble sitting still and had tons of questions about what was going on, but so do many adults. I mean, seriously, what was Mozart thinking?



Upcoming family and children opera events can be found at here.

The Konzerthaus Berlin offer exceptional children’s programming. More on that here.




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