Thüringen: Zweiter Teil

The next morning we headed to Weimar.

As I mentioned in the first part of my Thüringen travel posts, Weimar was the home of Goethe and Schiller. It is also the home of a lovely Goethe and Schiller statue:


We were there on a sleepy Sunday with not much to do. Our first stop was a quick walk by Schiller’s House (the yellow one in the gallery below) before heading over to the main event: Goethe’s House. We live life on the edge.

Look! Here’s the chair he died in!


It was a beautiful house and garden. S marched me through it in less than twenty minutes, while Jon had a little more time to take it in. And the best part? Goethe and Schiller cookie cutters!

IMG_5538 (1)

Afterwards, we headed to the Park an der Ilm  before ultimately deciding that our original plan to spend 5 hours in Weimar was too generous. That’s when we got the idea to run off to Jena, sometime home of Schiller (when Goethe decided he’d had enough of him).

Jena was not a successful detour. We had two hours and only one goal: to see the Romantikerhaus. We ended up in a restaurant that wasted about half that, so Jon ran to see our one historic, Jena sight while I waited for our food. He took this photo:


We hurried back to Weimar to catch our train back to Berlin. Thüringen was a great choice for a weekend trip and we’re already looking forward to next month’s in Bavaria!


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