Despite a lack of activity on this blog, we have been BUSY. There are constant plans or planning or waiting to plan, because who knows what our visitors will want to do and where will we feed them? And you know what would really set me up: a turkey burger. I can buy effing VEGAN CHEESE but I can’t find a single restaurant with a god forsaking TURKEY BURGER.

and I want it with avocado and onions. please.

From the above you may be able to tell that I have reached the point in my expat experience where I am sorely missing certain comforts; in this example, ground meat that does not come from a pig. Berlin jumped on the vegan train with resounding success, but somehow skipped the meats-that-are-low-in-saturated-fat movement. I am trying to make do with veggie burgers, but have yet to find one that doesn’t collapse in a pile of mush.

We’ve been to quite a few museums that I haven’t written (or re-written) about yet. There was a Fußball game I’ve been meaning to post pictures from, and then there was that time I was shanghai’d into the Aquadom in the name of family entertainment. I learned something important that day: seasickness knows no limits. I can’t even look at the photos, but I’ll leave you with a quick one.

IMG_0633Look! Fish swimming past hotel rooms! I think I might be sick.

bis zum nächsten Mal, 



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