I don’t know how to start this post except to say that the difficulties mounted this week. Olivia passed away.

You may remember the posts I wrote about my sweet little cavalier, and how worried I was about importing her. About two months before we moved she began to get sick, but our vet assured us that it was only a food intolerance and that she was fine. She wasn’t. Our vet here eventually diagnosed her with congenital renal failure. Our puppy barely had any kidneys at all.

She’s been gone one very lonely week.

And then we had visitors. Welcome visitors, wanted visitors, but such a low low followed by running around the city was too much for me. Yesterday I stayed in my pyjamas, watched Gilmore Girls, and cried while stuffing Cheezits (a well-timed present from our visitors) in my mouth. It was cathartic. Today I got dressed, went out for coffee, and watched Gilmore Girls. Progress.

There are still fun things for me to cover and some new trips in the future (Rome! Bavaria!), but for now I think I’ll do a little wallowing, maybe have a junk food binge, and finish Season 2.


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