Die Komische Oper

Shall we get back to the fun stuff? Thank you for reading my previous post about helping the many,many people seeking shelter in Germany. I hope you can help us help them, too.

On to how we’ve been keeping ourselves busy in the Hauptstadt…

Since S is in school for an astounding eight hours (not the usual thing in Germany), we’ve been filling up our weekends with as many fun, family activities as we can. Last Sunday, we found ourselves in the Komische Oper.

Many cultural and government institutions have a yearly Tag der offenen Tür or Open Door Day. This was my first one, and it was specifically geared towards families. The stage was open to exlpore and had been decorated with a fanciful collection of props for the children to climb on. The thought of going on stage, even just for a visit, was pretty scary for S. I think she was worried she would have to perform! . After checking out the stage from a few different angles, she finally built up the courage to do this…

Do you seethat little hand poking out? That’s S about 20 feet in the air on the opera’s pulley system.

As we left she asked why no one was singing? Can she go back so they will sing to her? We bought tickets to Snow White and Die Zauberflöte as soon as we got home.  I’m so excited!


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