Boxhagener Platz and the International Beer Festival

The theme for Saturday was “Give and Take.” I got the farmer’s market on Boxhagener Platz, he got the Internationales Bier Festival.
Boxi also has a great playground, so there was giving and taking all around. Knowing that we had a long day ahead of us – especially in this unusual heat – I didn’t buy anything we would have to schlep home (that would come later). I did, however, buy a very excellent Milchkaffee from the Passenger Espresso cart.
They have a coffee cart at the market every Saturday. Lucky for me, they also have a cafe much, much closer to my home.
Then it was time to wander over to Karl-Marx-Allee for the Beer Festival.
We bought tiny beer mugs with teddy bears on them and then had to explain why there was a mug for beer, a grown-ups only drink, with a teddy bear on it, because teddy bears are for kids, mama.
The mugs were meant to build your own tasting of sorts among the many, many stalls. Not everyone was participating, but there was more than enough for me. The first beer I tried was something amber-colored. A bee selflessly sacrificed himself by drowning in mine, forcing me to pour him out. S found this very interesting to watch. Next up was a kirsch or cherr-flavored bier It was a pretty ruby-color and tasted less like beer. Win!
J tried more than I did and actually enjoyed them. Give and take.

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