Parks and Rec

In between stuffing ourselves silly, we took a stroll down one of my favorite parks.


Böcklerpark starts at the Landwehrkanal and ends at the Michaelkirche.

We took a right at the end of the park and walked along the wall. We stopped for a visit with the one-eyed pony  at the Kinderbauernhof  am Mauerplatz.


Jon and I have been visiting the one-eyed pony for almost a decade now. It is entirely possible that it no longer lives there, that perhaps it has moved on to horsey heaven, but we can never remember what color it is…or was. Its a fun/morbid family tradition! Our own Li’l Sebastian.

Spread your wings and fly, One-Eyed Pony! We’ll miss you in the saddest fashion. Or we would, if we knew for sure.

We seem to really love mini-horses. Check out this post from a few years ago in California.


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