Angry Chicken, Kreuzberg

Angry Chicken has been on our list of places to try for a few years. Now that we’re finally free from the stroller, and S is almost like a real person, we finally made our way over.

It was extremely difficult for me to go to Angry Chicken. Not because I didn’t want a delicious bowl heaping with spicy, fried chicken, but because I had to walk past so many cozy looking coffee shops on the way there.

Unfortunately, idling over a latte and croissant for a few ours is out of the equation with a 5-year-old…or a hungry husband.

The restaurant is teeny, tiny – again, hurrah no stroller — and seats roughly 20 people. Self-service at the counter and sorry, no toilet, so whether or not Angry Chicken is truly kinderfreundlich depends on your individual child’s stamina. We were seriously pushing it, but made it through!

Here’s what we ended up with:


The “So So Angry Chicken” which is only the second spiciest on the board. Jon ordered it only because he didn’t noticed the “Furious” chicken directly below. It was delicious.

My meal was less successful. The “Happy Vegan” tofu burger had amazing toppings, but the patty didn’t hold up and was bland in comparison. Jon says this is my fault. After all, who goes to a restaurant called “Angry Chicken” and orders tofu?



I blame my burger tunnel vision. Berlin may be in the midst of a burger craze, but options for non-beef eaters are limited. I’m still looking for my turkey burger. Do you know where I can find one?


Angry Chicken

Oranienstr. 16



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