Street Food Wochenende

The eating was good this weekend! The promise of meeting friends proved to be just enough motivation for us to drag ourselves to the other side of Kreuzberg to Markthall 9 on Thursday. We didn’t find anyone (Street Food Thursdays opens at 17:00. It was already packed when we walked in an hour later), but we did eat and eat and eat.

Sadly, this is our only evidence. We were too busy finding new things to stuff in our faces and not lose trace of S.


Look! You can see the top of Jon’s head!

Kimchee taco was good, but still a little too much on the German side for my taste.* It did come in a pita instead of a tortilla.

But then, I am lucky enough to have lived in California, the birthplace of delicious Korean/Mexican fusion, and may be judging too harshly.

I’m picky. Its true.

The rest of the night was spent taking turns waiting in the Kindereck and making food runs. The Bao Kitchen‘s sandwiches were one of our favorites as was a milanese bakery who’s name I failed to note. We also tried langos – an Hungarian pastry – covered in rote grüze and creme fraiche. It was intensely rich and messy and we gave up about half way through. Tasty, but too difficult to eat standing up.

Our next food event of the weekend was a trip down to Treptower Park for Bite Club. We weren’t too sure whether or not it was a kinderfreundlich locale, but we weren’t the only family. I’d say it was a pretty even mix of americans hipsters, families, and students trying to show off how cool and local they are to their out-of-town friends.

It was here that we found the highlight of our weekend eating:


a pastrami sandwich from Mogg & Melzer. They have a full-service restaurant, as well. Fortunately for my pant-size, its another neighborhood.

We also tried this heavy, cheesy spätzle from Heisser Hobbel,  a Bavarian truck with family ties to a farm from where they source their ingredients. It was delicious. We couldn’t get through more than a quarter and I think our arteries are grateful.


Of course, neither meal was complete without a trip to Zwei Dicke Bären. There are no photos, because we dare very territorial with dessert in this family.

There are still so many other stalls to try….bis zum nächsten Mal!

*Jon and I rate all food by how German it either is or isn’t. Is your sushi sprinkled with dill and accompanied by  a side of buttermilk dressing? TOO GERMAN.


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