Kochhaus, Kreuzberg

By now any American readers have probably heard of Blue Apron, the grocery delivery service tailored to individual recipes. Germany has its own version: Kochhaus, a delivery service and boutique market.

The first time we tried Kochhaus, we only picked up a few things here and there, some merguez, wine, a little chocolate. The wine and chocolate were both big hits (when are they not?), but the merguez was a let down. Like much of the merguez in Germany, it was a mix of both lamb and beef. It also lacked heavily in the spice department, again, very typisch for Germany.
The next time we gave one of the recipes a try, Steinpilz-Risotto mit getrockneten Berberitzen. Here are the ingredients that we bought at the store. (Note: the recipe card does not come free! It was an extra 50 cents.) We also needed white wine and an onion, both of which we keep on hand.
Then, because I find drinking white wine a lot like guzzling skittles, we opened a Blaufrankisch. We bought it at Edeka, because it was supergeil.
The recipe was easy to follow, and the results looked nice, but meh. It tasted a lot like we had used a mix, which we essentially had.
I’m sure we’ll try again – maybe next time something fresh? or sweet? The Mousse au Chocolat auf Tofu is calling my name.

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