settling in

We spent a lot of time debating over whether or not we should commit to an apartment before finding a kindergarten. I couldn’t focus on anything else without a place to live, and in the end, my anxiety won. We signed a lease. Although to be fair, it was J who found the place and if it hadn’t have been absolutely what we needed, then I’m sure we’d still be looking.

We found out latest ferienwohnung through an academic exchange. We have better luck with these, since they tend to be easier to book long term (ie: entire school years vs. weeks at a time).

The above was written just before a month before our arrival in Berlin. We’ve been in the bachelor pad a week now, and although there are some comforts lacking (ahem bachelor pad), we like it.

After years of chilly – for summer – and rainy Julys we started our time in Berlin with a heat unlike any I’ve felt before, a feeling i’m sure is only increased by our lack of AC in the bachelor pad and being in the Dachgeschoss. So far, we’ve managed to deal with a few crisis including sick child, sick dog, sick me, broken glasses, our Anmeldung and a credit card fiasco all in 8 days. We’ve been very busy for three people who have barely left our block.


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