There are only – remember ONLY – two new parts of our move abroad. The easier of the two is preparing my “non-commercial live animal” for import into the EU. I say “easier,” but its really only easier in relation to finding a school to enroll S in this late in the year. We’re this close, just enough that I can turn my attention to this:


In order to move a dog to Germany you need two forms, one from each government, and an ISO microchip. Typically, dogs in the US have a 10-digit chip, which is only standard within the US. For travel to many EU countries as well as Canada and Japan, dogs require a 15-digit ISO chip. Germany offers the option to forgo the international chip, but only if you bring your own pet scanner. These usually run around $300. The chip we ordered was only $17.95 plus office visit. You’ll also need to get a rabies booster for the animal two-weeks after, and it must be after, insertion, because why not?

Of course, our dog already had her yearly rabies booster and of course, she’ll just have to get another one. Because Welcome to Germany. There is always an extra step.

In addition to the new chip, you’ll need your vet to fill out two forms along with a check-up at least ten days prior to your flight. One is for the US and gets sent to your local USDA-APHIS office. If you’re in the VA-DC-MD area like us, you’re in District 1 and should send your forms to the office in Richmond overnight. They’ll approve it and send it right back. That’s it…I think.


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