The District

My S is a city girl. She is never happier than on a train or Bahn. 

December 2013 - 238

We took her to see “Rock Omama’s” house, because they talk a lot on her fish-price phone. In fact, he is the only one who ever calls. She was really bummed when we couldn’t go inside (Although the White House is once again open to visitors, tours need to be scheduled six months in advance through your congressional representative. I just wanted to get away from the ‘burbs and into the city and I wanted to do it soon).

December 2013 - 231

We dealt with the disappointment with a trip to her favorite restaurant: Vapiano, a German chain of Italian restaurants. You may remember it from all of the times we ate there in Berlin (and Dresden and Stuttgart.) In fact,we are Vapiano connoisseurs. As such a connoisseur, I can assure you that the American iteration is just as German as its German cousins, meaning you can get decent Italian food there. Much better than some of the typical red sauce joints that abound in Baltimore.
Do you remember bunny pizza? S does!
And to make up for the lack of presidential sightings, S and I shared dessert before heading back to die Bahn. 
There are multiple Vapiano restaurants in Washington, D.C. should you be as weird as we are. Parking in DC may impact whether or not you are able to send your child to college. We park in Maryland and take the metro.

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