Inner Harbor, Baltimore

Why, hello there. We’ve been working, going to preschool for entire big kid school days, and trying to hold it together while we slug through this our first year post-grad school.  But let’s not get too down. There’s been some exploring, too.

Before it got too cold, we bought tickets for the historic ships moored in the Baltimore Harbour. The first time we tried to do this the dark, murky water was just too scary for S and so we put the idea away for another time. Then, a few weeks ago, we found ourselves downtown and suddenly the idea of going on a big boat seemed like the best thing ever and could we go today, right now?

October 2013 - 254

She liked going up an down the steps of the USS Constellation, but deemed the sleeping quarters “creepy.” The USS Torsk, a WWII era submarine, made her nervous. The best part was finding the jellies in the harbor, just below the water’s surface. Unfortunately, they didn’t show up well in an iPhone photo, but S is still talking about them so I’m sure we’ll be back as soon as it warms up again.

October 2013 - 281

Maybe next time we’ll even be brave enough to go on boat that moves.

October 2013 - 274



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