Fresh Bakery, Owings Mills

S’s school has an award-winning healthy choices program that focuses on teaching the children about eating well. The class meets once a week with a nurse to learn all sorts of things. To be honest, I don’t really know, but it can’t hurt, right? The school sent some flyers home about not celebrating special events or rewarding ourselves and our children with food.

Obviously, these people haven’t twice in as many years with a three year old. I like broccoli, but sometimes you need to balance out the green with something a little sweeter like these cupcakes from Fresh Bakery.


I wasn’t too sure when I saw the sign for a new bakery with such a simple name, but in our suburban neighborhood filled with chains and pizza shops, I was willing to give anything new a shot.

Some of our favorites include the personal pies (Pumpkin! or for the pumpkin averse there’s also apple, pecan, sweet potato and peach)


(sorry, I couldn’t resist a bite before taking a photo)

and the banana pudding is well worth a shot or even breaking a few school rules.


If you can bring yourself to share, that is.


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