Fell’s Point, Baltimore

Baltimore is hard. Its an older, more established community – older than Irvine anyway – and I wonder if anyone really needs me to write about things I do with my daughter. Its harder to break through, as well, again because it is an older community. Everybody already knows everybody and who are you? Why should I help you?

Getting passed the negativity is hard. Getting passed the lack of fresh, organic produce is hard. (Seriously, does California just hoard ALL THE VEGETABLES?) Its another season of culture shock.

We went to Fell’s Point, because I heard Fell’s Point is cool? I think whoever told me this left out some other pertinent information, because we found a ghost town. There was a small group of people waiting for the water taxi, but S wasn’t interested. We walked around a bit, but didn’t find the shops, restaurants, and general hustle and bustle I expected.


There were some beautiful brick buildings, though.




There are always things to jump over.


Is there a certain time of day you’re supposed to go…or not go? We went just before lunchtime.



Daily Grind, 1720 Thames St: a local coffee shop with plenty of seating. Perfect for studying or working (or at least it seemed so when we were there. Maybe its noisier at night?)



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