Our new apartment (Yes! That’s right!) has a vanity space in the master bath (!!), so I decided to liberate this charming fellow from my parent’s basement. He’s been down there for almost ten years and he’s starting to look it. This, and the fact that my mother and I have wildly different tastes in everything has led me to do something I have never done before.

I’m going to give this stool a makeover. New fabric, new paint. Do you realize what this means? It means I’m going to do something, something “crafty.” This is a blog, right? I suppose I’m just accepting the fate associated with my online presence.

So meet Berthold.


I considered going with the rope design around the base, but honestly I don’t like it. So let’s just ignore what I can’t change and run with what I can! Sure! Why not?

I am being so crafty! (At this point, Jon is shaking his head and wondering why I don’t just buy a stool from IKEA, I do love IKEA.)

Here are the materials:

– a screwdriver

– something to wash your furniture. I just squirted it down with the hose.

– sandpaper I found in my Dad’s garage

– oil-based spray paint for metal

– a staple gun, also found in my Dad’s garage

The first step, if you are like me and have been living in apartments your whole adult life, is to raid your parent’s garage for all f the home improvement implements that you have never had room for. I managed to make off with a drop cloth, sandpaper, and the very important staple gun. Not having the room nor the keys to our new apartment (just a few more days!), I set up in their backyard with my lovely assistant.


She was ever so helpful while spraying down the base. She bravely put herself between it and the hose, but then, when she realized that was only a small part of what Mom was doing outside, well, my lovely assistant gave up on me. I sanded down the rope design and legs, going over it two or three times to make sure the paint would adhere to the metal. Then, I sprayed it down again and patted it dry.


Would you believe this is also my first time spray painting something? I don’t know why it took so long; it was so easy. No aging furniture will be safe from me ever again.

After the first coat, I left it on the patio to dry and came back in the morning to do touch-ups. Then came the hard part, stapling the new fabric to the round seat. I needed to staple and then make small, tight pleats to get all the way around. I gave up around three staples in.

Jon took over. He really did.


He says it was “just math” and math being something he might actually consider fun, he went with it. So not only was it my first home project, it was his,too.


And that fabric – its from IKEA.


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