The Baltimore Zoo, Druid Park

If you look back, you’ll see that the first thing we always do when we move to a new city is to go to the zoo. Its a tradition, a “must do” right up there with visiting IKEA and having a nervous breakdown.

I’m kidding…mostly.

Despite growing up with trips to the National Zoo on family vacations to visit Bubbe, we decided to visit and join the Baltimore Zoo. Its closer and, while I’m a pro at airplane and train travel mit Kind, we’re still working on car trips. Car trips are definitely the worse; the car holds no allure. She’s in it everyday now and, unlike a train or a plane, she’s completely restrained. Also, there are no iPads in the car. Mom’s rule.

Seriously, Dad would totally cave on this one.

So we went to the Baltimore Zoo without any electronics and had an ok time. S was tired and a still a little shocked by her new surroundings, but this zoo has a lot of great features. Its small, especially compared to San Diego, but it has all the main attractions: elephants, giraffes, large predatory cats that your child can pretend to be for hours on end.


We even took a camel ride. I stupidly agreed to go with S while wearing a skirt, but I did it to spare my husband who for some reason loathes all large domestic animals (like horses, for example).


There’s also a children’s zoo, which, in addition to your usual barn/petting area, has a long’ish for little feet nature trail covering the basics of Maryland wildlife. S enjoyed it in the beginning, but was ready to go by the time we finally got to the farm animals.


Above, she’s sitting in an oriole’s nest. Orioles being both the state bird and the name of the city’s beloved baseball team.

The Baltimore Zoo is happily situated in Druid Park and easy distance for us and only a few minutes from downtown. I’m just glad that an “elephant zoo” is so much closer than it was in before – there wasn’t even any begging to go back to Berlin!


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