Baltimore and Me

“Another op’ning, another show in Phildelphia or Baltim’o…another op’ning of another show”

Here we are in actually not that humid Baltimore where we’ll be living until Jon can earn the illustrious title, Herr Professor Doktor. We’ve only been here four days, but we’ve already managed to enroll in preschool and eat the largest “kid size” anything I’ve ever seen.


That’s an enormous custard with rainbow sprinkles care of The Cow. There must be at least 3 scoops of ice cream in there. For myself, I prefer their italian ices.  This one is cherry – a little too Slurpie like for my taste. Next time I’ll go back to my usual mango.


I hope you’ll keep reading as we explore our third new city. I’ll be here posting about the fun things I find for S to do (and, for the first time, with the help of family!) and some of the places we eat along the way.

PS: Can you tell that I was a drama nerd as a kid?  “Hairspray” and that line from”Kiss Me, Kate”  have both been stuck in my head for weeks. 


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