Vitaly Caffe, Costa Mesa

“Not good ice cream…like in Germany

That’s what S said when we took her to the Sprinkles ice cream shop in Newport Beach. I agree; its not worth the hype, and so we went without one of our favorite outings for a while. That is until Vitaly Caffe opened in Costa Mesa’s The Camp. Now we can get real Italian gelato (gelato is very popular in Germany); the best we’ve ever had on this side of the world.

See? It was so good they would hardly even let me take a photo of it.


And don’t leave without trying some of their cookies. These are the only three that survived the car ride home…and I didn’t even share with S. They were just too delicious. From the top going clockwise:  dama, baci di dama, and my favorite,  cantucci cookies.


We’ll be fitting in as many visits as we can during our remaining time here. Along with many trips to the gym.


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