sand and sea

With only three weeks to go, we’ve been filling our time with as many activities as possible. There is nothing worse than running out of things to do before a move and just sitting at home, staring at boxes and thinking about all of the things you would like to get out of them. Especially for a three year-old who will suddenly think of toys she hasn’t played with in over a year, but will need it RIGHT NOW or the world will end. WHERE IS MY SQUEEKY GIRAFFE?!?

So I finally gave in and we spent a day at the beach.



The beach was, um, ok. I think if I were able to just sit quietly and read a book I might enjoy it, but as it is I am much more terrified of the giant waves whisking my little girl away to a watery grave  and the weird germs that are most definitely  lurking in the sand just waiting to make someone sick.  Ok, so maybe I like the beach as long as I don’t have to touch the beach.

Oddly, I feel much calmer by lakes. I am from Michigan after all.


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