Nixon Presidential Library, Yorba Linda

As you may have seen on my Instagram (check out my new sidebar!), my love for presidential libraries does not discriminate, which is why we took a little trip over to Yorba Linda to check out the Nixon Presidential Library.


Its a small place with not a lot of fanfare. There were maybe seven or eight other visitors when we arrived. S wasn’t particularly interested in our 37th. In fact, the first thing she asked when we went inside was “Where is ‘Rock Omama’?”

We managed to find a little bit of him.


Other than that, her favorite part was the presidential helicopter. She’s certain that every helicopter is actually Marine One coming to say “HI!” to her.


This helicopter – referred to either Army or Marine One depending on the pilot – was used by Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. After spending some time in storage, one of Nixon’s former pilots had it sent to the library for display.

While the helicopter was S’s favorite, mine was the model of the East Room.


The museum also has the usual campaign history, clothing worn at historical moments, and of course a hallway devoted to the Watergate scandal conveniently located at the very end of the gallery after the rooms extolling Nixon’s work abroad. To see everything only took us an hour and a half and, despite not being 37s favorite sort of people, a nice way to spend the morning and get out of the usual Orange County scene.


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