memorial day in LA

We went to Los Angeles on Memorial Day to take S to the tar pits and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). It was not a success.

This is the only photo of our very brief stroll by the tar pits. S thought the “funny water” was too smelly, so we headed next door to LACMA.


While we’ve had many successful museum visits in the past, this one was not happening for us. I completely blame this installation, which S dubbed “Noodle Forest.” It was too much fun to waste time looking inside, so Jon and I took turns.


The only thing she sat still for – sneaking sips of my coffee and the fresh “oreo” from Coffee and Milk (not pictured, because, well how long do you think cookies last around stressed out grad students three year olds)



Monday was a free Target family day, but if you’d like to take your kids to the museum, the NexGen program is great. Members must be under 17  and get free general entry for both themselves and an accompanying adult. I enrolled S when she was only a few months old and despite not living in LA (or, for a time, California) we’ve used it two or three times.

Of course, if your child is anything like mine, you’ll probably be fine just sitting by the  fountains outside of the gallery.



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