Weleda in den USA

Imagine my surprise, way back in January (gah, I really am suffering from some serious blog-block) , while searching through a pile of discounted gift sets in Target when I found:


Weleda is a Swiss-German, all-natural cosmetic company that’s widely available in Germany. I first came across it at our local DM (German rite-aid) and tried a bunch of their lotions and washes. While none of them measured up to my favorite brand back home, I liked the rose scent enough to make it my go to Pflegedusche (easily one of my favorite German words. No I can’t explain why. Just say it PFFFLAY-GUH DUUUUSH-UH)

The pomegranate set was the only one and there were no signs indicating where it had come from or where its companions had gone. Nostalgia – or possibly just the power of Target – took over and I tossed it in my cart.

Then a few weeks later, I read about another Weleda product on Refinery29. Their Hautcreme – oddly known as “Skin Food” auf English – was apparently the thing to use on overworked model skin, and apparently, readily available at my local Whole Foods. So I set off on a little recon mission to see what else I could find.



IMG_3316It took me two trips before I could stop thinking about how much less expensive it is in Germany. I still can’t convince myself to pay their prices for Dr. Hauschka. Its expensive even in Germany, highway robbery here.

Despite the fact that I paid twice as much for my tube of Hautcreme, I’m very glad I did. Tis is the lotion to end all lotions. Wen your hands are so dry you can feel them cracking, when you think you can see scales, just slather this on (Its oily. Do it when you have a few minutes to wait for it to absorb) and in a few minutest our hands will magically look human again. Do it a few more times and your hands will look almost as nice as they did before you started potty training.

Of course, right after I gave in at Whole Foods, I saw this at Target. More Weleda! and much better prices than Whole Foods — as if that needed to be said.

I probably won’t buy anymore regular lotion – too thin for me – but I will still check back every once in a while to see if anymore of my regular german products pop up on American shelves. At least until I can get back to Germany. Then, I’m bringing an empty suitcase and stocking up. Vividrin Akut Augentropfen I’m looking at you…or not the pollen may have swollen my eyes shut.


4 thoughts on “Weleda in den USA

  1. Have already begun thinking about what happens when I leave Germany. Thinking of stocking up. I love that Germany have so many BIO/all-natural skin products. They are just not available in Australia at such reasonable prices.

  2. We’re moving to Berlin next month, so we’re looking forward to the Apotheken…we were lucky enough in Chicago to have Merz Apothecary. Try their online store for your European cravings: http://www.smallflower.com. Enjoying your blog and will have to start my own Berlin blog once we’re expats.

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