german lessons

S’s german acquisition has been shaky at best. I don’t really mind (for now) since sharing a second language with one’s spouse is incredibly useful when raising a child. She’s three. How else are we going to coordinate our late night snacks?

But sometimes she surprises me. Like when she says she wants my to paint her Nägel or when she told me that “Blue’s Clues” is fantastisch! 

Then we had a breakthrough. We were driving down the coast when suddenly she asked “What’s poop in German?”

Did I mention she recently turned three?

  Kacke,S. That’s “poop” auf Deutsch. 

Then she started asking about the things she saw passing by. Die Strasse, der Baum, die Ampel. I’m so impressed. I think this is going to be the start of something amazing. I wonder if she’ll start answering back in German. Then, it all comes circling back.

– and POOP ATTACK! What means POOP ATTACK in Guh-mun?

Kid was just winding me up.

By the way, I think it might be Kacke-Anschlag, but Its possible that I just made that up.



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