Fukada, Irvine

I just realized today that I have never written about our favorite restaurant in Irvine. In fact, the only thing any of us missed while we were in Berlin.



S even uses chopsticks…she’s usually culinary utensil adverse.

Fukada is very family friendly place and you’ll probably see at least three or four families with small children there. You’ll also probably see a large crowd waiting by the door. Do yourself a favor and don’t go right at dinner time and avoid lunch all together. S and I showed up once 15 minutes before they opened and there was already a line 20 people long. We were not happy girls, but hey, it is the best soba in Orange County.


We’re also big fans of their iced green tea. I once look on in amazement while she downed two of those glasses, one right after the other. She was so hyped up on tea, that she even ate all of the spinach in her soup, but shhh! I won’t tell if you don’t.

So three (quiet) cheers for Fukada! And take your utensil-adverse, vegetable-refusing kids if you go.




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