The Orange Circle

Somehow the stars alined and I managed to finally get Jon to go down to Old Town Orange with me and possibly browse a few antique stores.

It was, however, too much for these stars to ensure that S would also be so willing. Either way, we still got to walk around a city’ish environment and poke around. We also got surprisingly good barbecue.


We just happened to park right across the street from Smoqued, a restaurant that bills itself as “classic BBQ with a California influence.” Although the only obviously California part of the restaurant was the list of local beers and the gentrified surroundings. Jon is counting the days until he can have the brisket sandwich again. I liked the smoked chicken – S liked it more – and I’m intrigued by the promise of hand rolled pretzels.

Having an almost three year old tagging along deterred me from poking around the antique shops that dot the circle and seem to be the main draw of Old Town Orange, if not for tchotchkes than at least for those pretzels.



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