Din Tai Fung, Arcadia

We stopped at Din Tai Fung for lunch before our visit to the Getty. Personally, I was leaning towards the Getty cafeteria, which I know is weird, but you would too if you tried their veggie burgers. They’re really good veggie burgers!

Its entirely possible that the view coupled with the ease of a cafeteria on a toddler-toting mom colors my feelings for this veggie burger. I am also fond of the veggie burger at the grill next to the koala’s at the San Diego Zoo. Also, good veggie burgers are non-existant in Germany. Good regular burgers are pretty tough to find, too.

But let’s focus on this for now.


Jon took this shot of our xiaolongbao or soup dumplings. This is what Din Tai Fung is famous for and you might have to wait for it –  I’ve heard of people waiting hours on line at the Din Tai Fung branch in Taiwan. Go during the week, like we did, and walk right in. S didn’t like Din Tai Fung very much. Its not our usual chinese restaurant and when you’re almost three and your mom makes you do something new you have to rebel.

And by “rebel” I mean try to touch all of your mom’s noodles before she has a chance to get them from the bowl to her mouth.


I was prepared to leave the restaurant without a photo of my soy sauce, but Jon insisted. He was really happy with the ginger, strangely happy, but he mixes dumpling sauce so well that I let him go with it. Image


2 thoughts on “Din Tai Fung, Arcadia

  1. We discovered Din Tai Fung in Singapore and what struck us was the precision and care that goes into each dumpling..exactly 18 folds, precisely measured, and very consistent in taste. The soup dumplings are excellent and predictably consistent in the 3 subsequent Din Tai Fung’s we visited…Beijing, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur. If you find yourself craving a place where you know the food will be good (and you can read the menu too) in SE Asia or China, Din Tai Fung is the place. I’m craving dumplings just looking at this.

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