The Getty Center, Los Angeles

We tried to get back into the swing of things, but after four months without a museum visit, S wasn’t that into it.


It didn’t help that we went on a positively frigid day. Well, frigid for the Angelenos. We were ok without coats. They were in parkas.


We went in February – instead of waiting for a nice, sunny day when you can see everything from the San Barnardino Mountains to the ocean – because we wanted to see the Renaissance exhibit before it closed. I should have known that the altars would need to be in low-light and I should have known that S would not like that at all. So Jon saw “Florence at the Dawn of the Renaissance” and I whisked a nervous toddler to the end of the gallery where we looked at key-chains in the gift shop.

We made it up to her with a trip to the family room. Its a small room towards the back of the museum complex with 4 or 5 play areas loosely based on the collection.

We drew bugs




made a mask,



and played with foam noodles.





Then we decided we’d come back on a sunny day. There’s nothing like the Getty on a beautiful day.






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