five things

A few days ago, my friend and fellow Ami-expat mom in Berlin, Mama Melch of Midwestern Berliners , blogged five facts about her family. Inspired by this, I wrote five of my own.


1 – I thought of my blog name pretty quickly, but went back and forth for a while, because I was worried people might think it was inspired by the Kardashion empire of reality television. I was actually inspired by the Leonard Cohen song “First we take Manhattan.” Only later did I realize that it was about the Red Army Faction.

2 – I don’t like ice cream. That’s right; I’m a freak, but there are so many better options. Other things that other people like, but I don’t include: beaches, swimming, dangly earrings, summer time, Los Angeles…ok, maybe I just don’t like anything related to warm, sunny weather. I’ll be making plans to move to Siberia now.

3 – There is no such thing as too many british period dramas. My recent favorite: “Edward the Seventh.” Its on Netflix if you’d ever like to spend some time with the House of Saxe-Coburg und Gotha.

4 – When we’re out people tend to assume I’m not my daughter’s mother and it makes me stabby. You know what, you’re right. Yes, I did manage to notice that she has blonde hair and she looks nothing like me. Do you know why? Because she looks exactly like my husband. Now please go away.

5 – I’ve lived in Detroit, Louisville, Baltimore, New York, Paris, Orange County, and Berlin. Please don’t ask me where I’m from and please don’t look so put off if you do. So I haven’t spent my entire life in one area. Its really not that weird anymore.
Wow, this skewed surprisingly negative. Blame that sunny, California weather. Seriously! Look, even my Trader Joe’s is ocean-adjacent…
 Blech! Somebody get me out of here!

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