Yesterday, I went to Loehmann’s looking for a bathing suit cover-up and left with a new, wool jacket.

What can I say? I’m geographically challenged.


We’ve spent the past month in a state of constant over-drive. There was the sinus infection that would never end, the musical that wasn’t (see previous item), new shoes for S (its a big event – she’s gets very attached to her shoes), an out-of-town conference for Jon, his dissertation, a trip east, dissertation, and, oh yeah, THE DISSERTATION.

We’ve also spent a lot of time wishing we weren’t here. This hit particularly hard last month when Germany is at its second-best: Weihnachtszeit.* Even if you don’t celebrate christmas, there are the Märkte, Baumkuchen, snow, and bickering with Jon over whether or not Glühwein is any good or just plain awful. I made my own Brezeln from scratch in addition to my usual rotation of Schnitzel and Rotkohlsalat. I even made a desperate search through the paltry german section of World Market and managed to come home with some Niedregger marzipan and a few packs of Dr. Oetker’s Vanillazucker. What I’m going to do with vanilla-flavored sugar, I don’t know, but its in my kitchen now, so I better think of something.

I also need to think about what I’m doing with this blog. I will always write about German-related things in my life, which shouldn’t be a problem for someone married to an almost German professor, and I will always write about travel. I’m not going to write about parenting, because no one needs another blog about potty training (it sucks, by the way), but I will write up restaurants or other places that I find to be child-friendly. Of course, there will also be the occasional quatsch, nonsense.

To end this housekeeping post, here’s a photo of S shopping at the Container Store, because we love to contain things.


Especially toddlers.

*absolute best is in the summer. Warm weather really brings out Germany’s good side…or maybe just its less stern side. Incidentally also a lot of naked sides, but that’s something else entirely.


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