walls and bridges

Hey, Art.com. It worked. After months of reading sponsored posts on all of my favorite blogs, I finally bought something, and as much as I’m slightly creeped out à la Ron Swanson by your very spot-on marketing I also LOVE my print.

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner’s Brandenburgertor, 1929. The original belongs to the Städel in Frankfurt, but this one hangs right over my dresser.

Kirchner has been one of my favorite artists since I first saw Berlin Street Scene at the Neue Galerie in New York. Other things I learned at the Neue Galerie include: I am the only person in the world who does not like Klimt and that if you order a Sachertorte from Cafe Sabarsky you should probably just go ahead and spring for a cab. You probably shouldn’t try taking the bus for the first time alone while toting home your precious viennese dessert, because it will probably rain and you will probably get off at the wrong stop and then have to choose between your cake and yourself and if you are anything like me you will probably choose the cake. Its a really good cake.

And a really good print. Jawohl, Art.com.

PS: Obviously, I am not a professional blogger and as such was not paid or even asked to write this. I’m just very happy with my print and if I were more clever I would say something about the art of die Brücke and the Brücke this print builds between Berlin and here etc etc usw.


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