Sam Woo, Irvine

For a while I wasn’t sure if I would continue to write about eating out with kids now that we’re back in the States. It seems that the diversity of restaurants gives parents so many more obvious choices, that there isn’t really a need. On the other hand, there may be families new to the area (or sort of new like us) who are looking for a place to go and, more importantly, I like doing it.

Here’s our first meal out back in Kalifornien. We went to one of our favorites, Sam Woo, a Hong Kong style Chinese restaurant. The first thing you’ll notice when you walk up is that there are two front doors; Sam Woo is actually two connected restaurants: a full-service restaurant and a take-out place. We’ve never eaten at the BBQ-Express half of Sam Woo, but its always full of people. I suppose its just up to what kind of dining experience you’re up for. We like to go the full service route. For the grown-ups, this means extra spicy, dry, sautéed string beans.


For S, this means FISH!


S now walks into the restaurant, right up to the hostess and asks, “sit next to da fish, pease?” Its pretty irresistible — and such a easy way to keep her entertained. Too easy. You see, we forgot why the fish are there. Not for decor or toddler entertainment. No, some people think these guys are pretty tasty. The first time the net appeared to scoop up somebody’s dinner, S leapt into my lap so quickly I barely had time to realize what had happened. Then it came to me. The fish, it went to Grandma’s house! Yes, look right at me when I say this to you little girl and not at the waiter carrying a plastic bag with a living creature in it when I say to you that fish wanted to see its Grandma!

Not sure she bought it.

But she really liked the extra fortune cookies and watermelon she got after the waitstaff realized why their favorite customer was hiding in a corner.




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