UCI Arboretum for Love the Place You Live

I’m a huge fan of DesignMom and of her “Love the Place You Live” series. I haven’t added my own post since last February. Last February! Pretty shameful when you write a blog dedicated to exploring where you live. So when I saw the call go out for new links, I knew I had to put something together – especially now that we’re settled in our new place.

So, last Saturday, on our way home from our usual mix of farmer’s market/Costco shopping, we noticed a sign for a plant sale, and having a very sad looking spot near our front door, we decided to make a quick stop. Emphasis on the “quick” since our trip to Costco resulted in our having enough yogurt to feed a horde preschoolers.

The University of California, Irvine Arbotetum is a research center and garden featuring both native California and South African plants. It something we’ve been driving past for years, but have never made the time to visit.

While we didn’t find anything for our door (too much shade), we did find a new place to run around. Hurrah for not being a shopping mall.

Of course, we’re not exactly in Berlin anymore.


You can read my first Love the Place You Live post here


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