The Bowers Museum, Santa Ana

I’ve been looking forward to the Bowers Museum for months now, ever since I first saw the current exhibits – Fabergé and Madeleine Albright’s “Read My Pins” collection – listed on the website.  We’ve been there once before, just before we left for Berlin, but I don’t know much about the place or how it came upon two such wonderful exhibits, but I’m very glad. It gave us a chance to have a “normal” day.

The exhibits were the perfect size – just big enough to feel we really saw something, but not too much for S. And, of course, she was very in favor of seeing all of the “jew-wuh-wee.”

As you can see, she even wore some of her own.

This was my favorite, the Empress Josephine tiara, commissioned for her as a present by the Tsar Nicholas II upon her divorce from Napoleon.


Despite the many carats and colors of enamel, this was still S’s absolute favorite part of the museum…


of course.


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