a day in Laguna

A few days ago we took S down to Laguna Beach to look around the boutiques  see if she would like the ocean. Really, Jon just wanted to know if she liked it; I already knew I didn’t it, so why would my child? Its dirty, stinky, and you have to sit outside in the sun. No, thank you. But, being a little bit of both of us, S had mixed feelings.

First, here is the outfit she chose for our excursion:

That’s a black and white sweater dress layered with a black tulle skirt and pink leather flats for a pop of color. Yes, she was told where she was going and  she still didn’t feel comfortable dressing down. (We didn’t wear bathing suits, because we weren’t sure how long we’d stay).  At this point, she is all about staying near the boardwalk, in other words, TEAM MOM.

Eventually, Jon coaxed her down to the water. It was terrifying….

until it wasn’t.

Once she realized that she liked it, she asked for flip-flops like Daddy, and suddenly, her ensemble became a little more California-appropriate.

On the plus side, those pink flats really were on borrowed time and losing them to the ocean (she got a little too close and the tide swept right up to her knees) finally gave us an irrefutable case against them.

As for me, I’ll be the one huddled under the enormous beach umbrella, dreaming of more leather shoe friendly places.


One thought on “a day in Laguna

  1. I remember the days when I was mad keen to get to the beach (aka Gold Coast, Australia) any chance I got. That was as a late teen and early 20s. And I would get in the water ANY chance I had – no matter how cold it was! But then I grew up and realised how I didn’t like the sand getting EVERYWHERE. And getting dumped by the waves. And burnt by the sun. Not sure what the surfers see in the whole experience, personally.

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