halloween at the not-a-zoo

It took a while, but I finally got S to go back to the Orange County Zoo. I do, however, have to refer to it as the “Zoo without elephants.”

Today was the zoo’s annual Halloween event – something I’m sure helped make up for the lack of pachyderms in S’s opinion. It was also her first time trick-or-treating.

It didn’t take long for her to catch on.

The thing I really like about this event – other than the fact that its safe and I used to volunteer there – is that not all of the treats are candy. We have a little collection of halloween themed toys now – including a bendy pumpkin-man that S had been talking to all day. More fun than a snickers bar that’s gone in two minutes and sends you bouncing off the walls all afternoon.

And the dress? Yes, my little girl is dressed like a princess, because that’s what she wanted. She loves Rapunzel, she can summarize “Tangled” complete with songs, so when it came time to pick a costume, I surprised her with this one. She had fun with it. That’s all that matters.


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