this is a zoo

Trying to return to some normalcy for the girl who sees airplanes and asks, “we go in the airplane and go to Germany?” We headed down to the OC Zoo without even a thought to the differences between it and our very favorite place, Zoo Berlin.

But S took one step out of the car, looked around and said, “wanna go ZOO.”
“S,” I said, “this is a zoo”



“Not a zoo,” she countered without missing a beat, “no elephants.”

And throughout the zoo she asked, “Where die Elefants?” her little face fixed in a scowl. She only let herself have a little fun petting the goats. Although, when the volunteer keeper motioned to the goat S was following around and told us she was a Mommy goat, S looked her right in the eye and said,

“No, just a goat”

just like this wasn’t a zoo, just some animals and no elephants.


3 thoughts on “this is a zoo

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