Berlin, du fehlst mir: Die Gemäldegallerie

One of our saddest good-byes was to one of my favorite places in Berlin: Die Gemäldegallerie, Berlin’s collection of Old Masters. Not only are we leaving my beloved Cranachs behind, but the gallery is also leaving its current home in Kulturforum to make way for a new collection of modern art. Or, to reunite the masterpieces with the Bode-Museum, their pre-war home. It depends on how you feel about the move, whether or not you are as heartbroken as I am that these gorgeous paintings will be hidden away in storage for an as yet unknown period of time.

Here’s my little S examining a nude by Lucas Cranach der Ältere…

“Oh, She have a belly button and a baby” and why is she naked S, ” ‘cuz she go take a shower!”

And my favorite of all, Cranach’s “Fountain of Youth…”

und ich auch! Auf Wiedersehen mein Lieblingsmuseum und auf Wiedersehen Berlin!


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