Over the past week I’ve sat down a total a ZERO times to finish my posts about Die Schweiz (also here and here).Of course, over the past week I also packed up our apartment, sat in an airplane for almost ten hours with a two-year old, threw-up in said airplane on said toddler (Why, yes, I am very lady-like and refined.), and set up camp at my parent’s house until our new apartment is ready in 10 days.

I wish I could say S is transitioning to American life well, but she’s really testing the limits. Also she does not understand shopping malls or why we aren’t getting in the U-Bahn?  This does make car-rides fun and exotic, though. Interestingly, there are times when she will only listen to me if I speak to her auf Deutsch.

She also started categorizing food as “lecker” and “no lecker.”  Other than that, we’re still waiting to see what German she’s retained. I’m planning on buying Little Pim in German for her and, of course, Jon will continue to use  German exclusively when they’re alone. Right, Jon? Right?

Until I have a chance to catch-up, here’s a photo of S walking with her new best friend: my parent’s Japanese Chin, Charlie.


2 thoughts on “Re-enty

  1. Hi, busy with my own little brood I managed to miss the fact that you had left for the US already. I wish you the best of luck back home and may Shoshana keep all her German fresh and handy until you come to Kreuzberg again:-) Viele liebe Gruesse as Bergmannkiez! Und: LECKER!:)

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