Baby takes Switzerland: Bern

With only two weeks in Europe to go we hopped on a plane and went off to Switzerland.

Die Schweiz! La Suisse! La Svizzera!

The morning of the trip, we had to wake up at 4:30. I was dreading waking up S, dreading what I was sure would be shrieking and tossing and turning and general toddler unhappiness. Dreading that it would transfer to the plane and that I’d have to face the other passengers. So I walk into her room, sit on the edge of her bed and whisper, “it’s me. Let’s get up” and as I reach out to pat her hair she suddenly sat up, straight as a board and said,

“We go! On a big trip! It DARK outside! S go outside!”

And that was that.

It wasn’t all fun. Jon was presenting at a conference, and S and I just went along for the ride. The conference was in Neuchâtel, but Neuchâtel is très petit, so unlike the other brainiacs we stayed in the nearby Hauptstadt, Bern.

Bern was the perfect choice. It’s large enough to give one plenty to do, but small enough to do it all on foot. Our favorite part was the Bärenpark – I was prepared to be very upset by the pits, but a few years ago the city created a new and much larger habitat on the river.

This bear was taking a dip in one of the original pits while the riverside habitat was getting cleaned up.

and here’s S playing in one of the original pits.

Some highlights from Bern:

Café Fédéral, Bärenplatz 31 – This french restaurant couldn’t have been better. The food was everything you’d expect from a nice place AND they were kinderfreundlich. The restraint even happily promotes the bringing of children right on their website. What!? Are we still in Europe?

Confiserie Tschirren, Kramgasse 73 – Our favorite place to stop for chocolate.

Kleine Schanze – A little park near the train station. S and I would pick up a picnic lunch at Globus or Loeb and then go here to argue about whether or not those mountains were “The Sound of Music” mountains. There is no winning with a two year old.


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