Grüzi aus der Schweiz!

Please excuse the radio blog silence. Like everyone else, wir machen Urlaub. Unlike everyone else we were crazy enough to do it a week before moving back to the States.

The little one is being absolutely ausgezeichnet, but I’m afraid that she confused next week’s move with this week’s trip and now “S wiv in Swizzzerland, eat schoko, pway on da mountain sing da Sound of Music?” is a pretty regular refrain.

Forget trying to tell her “The Sound of Music” was set in Austria. She can see the mountains and she knows what’s what. Also, she’s two.

Pictures of very green Bern and very french Neuchâtel as soon as I’m reunited with the appropriate cords. And, of course, a post about language ’cause Schwyzerdeutsch is….shudder.

bis später!


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