Berlin, du felhst mir: Gift Wrap Stations…?

This one is exactly something I’ll miss or even Berlin specific (neither was my last one), but its certainly something strange to my american eyes.

Gift wrapping stations at drug and grocery stores. Here I offer you two examples:

1. Alnatura, an organic grocery chain:
A nice, thick green paper and a choice of two ribbons for your Bio-Müsli. and then, there’s

2. Rossmann, a drugstore (sorry for the blurriness)

Two papers and four ribbons plus recycling? Well, la di dah.

So, why Germany? Warum? I’ve never actually seen anyone using them except as a place to put one’s shopping while organizing receipts and change. I could just ask a cashier maybe. I might ask. Oh, who am I kidding. I’ll never ask.


4 thoughts on “Berlin, du felhst mir: Gift Wrap Stations…?

  1. It´s the chance that they offer that counts:) The possibility. Should you need to wrap anything up nice and pretty, here´s your tools for you. In my almost 10 years in Berlin I have used them twice so far. But I love knowing they are there:)

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